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ピアノ査定 – Pranjal Gupta is an associate professor of marketing at the University of Tampa, joined a New York Times debate regarding online shopping. Gupta said shoppers use similar evaluation methods both online and bricks-and-mortar stores. “Many consumers still try to find tools to make their decisions easier and faster. Thus, they may use electronic word-of-mouth (reviews, etc.) or electronic recommendation agents, and still make poor decisions based on those inputs,” Gupta said. “Thus, what I am seeing, through empirical results, is that for many consumers online shopping does not create more optimal choice making.” Full story

Grigorios Zamparas, an assistant professor of music at the University of Tampa and an international concert pianist, got the opportunity to play a piano with Justin Elliott’s new design, one with an astonishingly clear sound. “I was really shocked,” said Zamparas. “The Royal Ebony had a fuller, bigger sound. Soft sounds are clear and distinct. The instrument is more alive, more expressive and responsive. It speaks to you.” Elliott is a piano restorer, designer-builder and master tuner. He has toured as the piano technician for such artists as Elton John, Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock and Alicia Keys.